NEW Equation Contexts

In the May 2019 versions of FX Equation and FX Draw, we have introduced Equation Contexts. These are quick buttons that you can use to set up FX Equation for different contexts that you are writing in.

The five available contexts are shown below.

Most of the time you should use the General Algebra context but if, for example, you are creating some Vectors, switch to the Vector context and FX Equation will set itself up to make creating vectors as simple as possible.

Contexts make it easier to set up some fairly obscure options that FX Equation has always had in order to produce exactly what you are after.

There is a short video on the new feature at

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NEW Quickly Change Graph Colors

You have always been able to change the colors of functions and statistics graphs – but it has always been a bit slow and fiddly. Each function or data set needed to be changed individually which was slow and error prone.

In the latest versions (19.05.27), we have added the ability to quickly change ALL of the functions or data sets.

Function Graphs

The quick entry screen for functions has seen two changes. Firstly, any changes made to line widths or point sizes now affect ALL functions. You can, for example, set all function lines to 2pt with one change.

The second change is the addition of a palette button. Pressing this allows you to change the color settings of all function lines. You have the choice of setting all functions to one color (normally black) or to choose one of twelve different color schemes, including the “classic” color palettes. Once you have chosen a color palette, pressing Set As Default will keep your current settings for all future graphs.

If you wish to change the color or line width of an individual line, you now need to change to the Function Properties tab.

Statistics Graphs

We have also added color schemes to statistics graphs.

The colors of individual data sets can be changed by pressing the data set buttons.

You can find a short video of the new feature at

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Issues With The OneNote App for Windows 10

Microsoft has been promoting its OneNote (Microsoft store) app to users and preferentially installs it for Office 365 users on Windows machines. Unfortunately it has quite a few issues, and not just for Efofex Software. The main impact it is having on our users is that you cannot directly paste Efofex graphics into the OneNote app. We are aware of the problem and have approached Microsoft to help resolve it. Please note that we believe that the root-cause of the issue is the OneNote App as the graphics can be pasted into OneNote 2016, OneNote Online, Word – in fact everywhere apart from the OneNote App.

Two Versions of OneNote in Windows

The new App version of OneNote is not very popular. If you go to the website and search for “Hate OneNote” you will find hundreds of people bemoaning the cessation of development of the desktop version (OneNote 2016). We believe that Microsoft has made a strategic error with the new version and is quite likely to make a change in the future. Either way we will be working to try to mitigate the effects of this version.

Many schools do not permit teachers to use the new app as all notebooks MUST be stored in the cloud. OneNote 2016 allows local notebooks which are mandated by many schools. If you are one of these lucky teachers, well done!

If You Are Being Affected

The best solution is to download and install OneNote 2016. This is free and is
(arguably) a better version. You can find it on this Microsoft page. Most teachers should use the 32 bit version of OneNote 2016.

If the OneNote app is mandated in your school there are two options:

  1. Use OneNote Online when inserting graphics into a notebook.
  2. Paste the graphics into Word FIRST and then copy them (from Word) to the clipboard to be pasted into the OneNote app.

Rest assured that we will continue to work on the issue.

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New Help & Account Management Centre

All of our products have now been updated to a new lightweight look and we have added a new Help & Account Management Centre. You can access the centre through the Help menu (1) or by pushing the blue ? Help button on the toolbar (2).

Getting to the Help Centre

Why? So we can customise the information we provide depending on the sort of user you are.

Efofex products have now existed for thirty years. This means that we have an enormous group of LONG-term users but we also have to provide assistance for new people who have never seen our products.

When you first visit the centre, we will ask you one or two questions so we can provide the information YOU need.

Getting Started

Once you have answered the questions, you can use the tabs to access important information on how to use our products as well as the latest news from Efofex. The Deploy tab provides information for network administrators that can make deploying our products much easier. The Account tab gives you information about the current status of your account.

The new Help & Account Management centre is a dynamic source of focused information. Download the latest versions and take a look today!

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More Control Over Word Integration

The current releases of Efofex products now give you greater control over integration with Word (only applicable for users on Windows machines using our “Classic” inserted object mode.)

On the Help menu, you can now choose to Manage the Word Integration.

Choose which products you wish to have integrated and press OK.

This new feature allows users to manage Word Integration themselves.

Please note that we only recommend that you only use Classic Mode when inserting equations into Word documents on Windows machines but long-term users of our products do like to use Classic Mode for all products.

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Efofex Gives You The World!

FX Draw has always provided a rich set of tools designed specifically for mathematics teachers. Now we are giving you the world!

The February 1 release of FX Draw includes a new Earth geometry tool that allows you to quickly create diagrams showing distances between locations using either great-circles or travel on lines of longitude and latitude. You can even animate your diagram in real time to demonstrate the mathematics involved.

A database of over 13000 locations is provided which you can search by name, latitude or longitude. This allows you to quickly create questions to suit the needs of your students.

We have created a short video to show the tool in action. You can view the video here.

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FX Equation Gets an Upgrade

We have released a new version of FX Equation that greatly improves its usability.

New Vertical Mode and Line Highlighting

The new vertical mode splits your screen vertically instead of the traditional horizontal split. This makes it much easier to manage long solutions.

If you don’t like the new view, you can always switch back to the old style by pushing the horizontal style button (see above).

We have also added line highlighting which shows you the line currently being edited. Combined with greatly improved side-by-side scrolling, it is now much easier to create long equations without getting “lost”.

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