More Control Over Word Integration

The current releases of Efofex products now give you greater control over integration with Word (only applicable for users on Windows machines using our “Classic” inserted object mode.)

On the Help menu, you can now choose to Manage the Word Integration.

Choose which products you wish to have integrated and press OK.

This new feature allows users to manage Word Integration themselves.

Please note that we only recommend that you only use Classic Mode when inserting equations into Word documents on Windows machines but long-term users of our products do like to use Classic Mode for all products.

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Efofex Gives You The World!

FX Draw has always provided a rich set of tools designed specifically for mathematics teachers. Now we are giving you the world!

The February 1 release of FX Draw includes a new Earth geometry tool that allows you to quickly create diagrams showing distances between locations using either great-circles or travel on lines of longitude and latitude. You can even animate your diagram in real time to demonstrate the mathematics involved.

A database of over 13000 locations is provided which you can search by name, latitude or longitude. This allows you to quickly create questions to suit the needs of your students.

We have created a short video to show the tool in action. You can view the video here.

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FX Equation Gets an Upgrade

We have released a new version of FX Equation that greatly improves its usability.

New Vertical Mode and Line Highlighting

The new vertical mode splits your screen vertically instead of the traditional horizontal split. This makes it much easier to manage long solutions.

If you don’t like the new view, you can always switch back to the old style by pushing the horizontal style button (see above).

We have also added line highlighting which shows you the line currently being edited. Combined with greatly improved side-by-side scrolling, it is now much easier to create long equations without getting “lost”.

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New Date-Based Version Numbers

You may have noticed that we recently changed the way we allocate version numbers to our products. For example, the latest version of FX Draw is V19.02.01 and was released on February 1, 2019.

The new version numbers allow (and us) to always know exactly when your version was released. The new versions numbers should help everyone keep up-to-date.

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Pareto Graphs

We have added Pareto graphs to both FX Stat and FX Draw to support the NSW (Australian) curriculum. If you use Pareto graphs in your teaching, make sure that you download the latest release of FX Draw Tools.

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Mac Users – Are Your Word Files Huge?

Recently we began receiving reports that Word files using graphics from our products, being created on Mac computers, were becoming outrageously large. For example, a file which would be about 300kB when created on a Windows version of Word was about 40MB on a Mac.

Our investigations indicate that Microsoft has made a change to the Mac version of Word which causes it to internally save graphics in the extremely inefficient TIFF format. On a Windows machine, Word saves the exact same image in the highly efficient PNG format. This difference accounts for the huge file size discrepancy. This problem is nothing to do with Efofex products, any image placed on the clipboard will be treated in the same way. Our products just tend to highlight the problem (so we get the blame). We have NO idea why Microsoft has made this change.

While we have reported this strange behaviour to Microsoft, we are not expecting any action soon – Microsoft simply does not work that way. We anticipate that, at some stage in the future, Microsoft will reverse this change and file sizes will revert back to what they should be.

While we have no way of changing Microsoft’s software, we can help mitigate the problem. In the latest versions we have included a new beta feature which compresses docx Word files. We do this by opening up the file, finding all of the graphics stored as TIFF files and converting them to PNG files. This can often lead to file size reductions of up to 99% with no loss in image quality.

As this is a beta feature, we have made it non-destructive. If you use the compressor, you will see a new version of the file created in the same directory (Geometry Test.docx would become Geometry Test (compressed).docx.) Your original file is untouched and we implore you to check that the new file opens BEFORE deleting the original file.

The new feature is available on both the Mac and Windows versions of our products.






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Change In OLE Support (If You Use The Word Toolbars)

If you use the Efofex Word toolbars on Windows, we have made a change to the support we offer.

Up until the October 29 release, we have included support for using OLE on PowerPoint. This support added a layer of complexity to the OLE service and we have determined that providing this support was a large part of the issues that some users were experiencing with OLE. As very few people use OLE with PowerPoint (it is now a much better idea to use the new, Graphics ID system with PowerPoint) we have decided to remove the PowerPoint support for future releases.


If you use our toolbars in Word on your Windows machine, we recommend that you download the latest release. It is likely that your experience of OLE will be improved.

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