New Display Commands For FX Equation/Equation Tool

FX Equation has had the box command for many years. It allows you to create empty boxes or put boxes around various parts of your equation.

Cancelling Parts Of Your Equation

FX Equation has also had a “strike-through” system which tried to allow you to “cancel” various parts of an equation. This was always a difficult task programatically but the addition of parameters to our products has made it impossible.

In the latest versions, we have deprecated (still available but not recommended) the strikethough system and replaced it with explicit cancel and strike commands.

cancel(x2) will cancel using a diagonal line.
strike(x2) will cancel with a horizontal line.

For example, if I type…


FX Equation will produce the following.

The new system is far more reliable.

New Underlining Commands

As part of this upgrade we have also added two new underlining commands, ul() and dul(). These underline and double-underline components of your equation.


By selecting the dul or ul part of the command you can change the colour of the underline. Ideal for marking the “answer”.

ArcUnder Command

FX Equation has had an arc command for a number of years. This allows you to add an arc above a component of your equation. The latest releases add an arcunder command.

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Statistics on MultiDocs

We have been working feverishly on expanding the types of mathematics that can be regenerated using MultiDocs. Our recent efforts have added the ability to create most statistical graphs and perform most statistical calculations.

Visit FX Library and type Statistics in as the search term. This will provide you with a small selection of the new features available. So far we have uploaded a bivariate data question, a cumulative frequency question and a question involving stem & leaf plots.

Like all MultiDocs, our examples are regeneratable at the push of a button. Here’s a graph from the bivariate data question – three different versions of the question in seconds!

MultiDocs are the most exciting addition to Efofex since the release of FX Draw. If you haven’t investigated the power of the new system, we strongly recommend that you take a look!

MultiDocs – Powered by Efofex

As always, our Efofex Insider’s Newsletter will keep you up-to-date with the technical side of changes.

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Efofex Toolbars Return To PowerPoint

Our new MultiDocs system has allowed us to rebuild support for PowerPoint. The latest versions of our products can now insert toolbars into your copy of PowerPoint on both Windows AND Mac.

PowerPoint on Windows
PowerPoint on Mac

Even better, the new toolbars provide access to all of the MultiDoc features. You can create self-modifying mathematical PowerPoint presentations or just use our products more efficiently.

Adding the toolbars to PowerPoint is more complicated than Word. In the Help menu of any of our products, go to Manage Office Integration.

Extra Steps Required

This button will provide all of the details to get you started.

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MultiDocs/Parameters Grow In Power

The last few months have seen continued frenetic development in our MultiDocs system. The ability to create self-modifying mathematical documents (think one test with multiple versions at the push of a button) is the most powerful and exciting development from Efofex since FX Draw.

In recent weeks we have added new classes of parameters that allow you to create data sets and perform calculations on the sets. You could create some random data; draw a graph; calculate some summary statistics and write a comprehensive statistics question. Once complete, you push a button and get a totally new version of your question.

We have also release a selection of new videos to help you get your head around the new ideas. The nice thing about MultiDocs is that you use them to create your own documents; you can use MultiDocs written by others (see our FX Library) or just ignore them completely and keep using our products as you always have.

Take a look at our MultiDocs introductory materials now.

MultiDocs – Powered by Efofex

Full details of the powerful new features are available in our more technical, Efofex Insiders blog.

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Major New Parameters Command

The latest versions of FX Draw and FX Equation have added an IF command. This represents a major increase in the power of the parameters system and allows authors to create significantly more powerful MultiDocs.

An example If command might look like this…

{if($d=0,”Cannot divide by zero”,$n/$d)}

If you included this command in a question, the inline calculator will look:

  • Look at the value of the $d parameter
  • If $d is zero, the command will add the words “Cannot divide by zero” to your equation.
  • If $d is not zero, the command will divide the value of the $n parameter by $d and output the answer.

In addition to the new IF command, we have added a number of other Boolean commands that make it easy to write conditions for IF commands. These include:

  • And
  • Or
  • Xor
  • Nor
  • Not
  • IsEven
  • IsOdd
  • IsInteger
  • IsComposite
  • IsPrime
  • IsFactor
  • IsNatural
  • IsCube
  • IsSquare

The new IF command is available for use now but we anticipate that its power will allow us to add a variety of new features. Keep an eye out!

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Creating Your First Parametized Question

Efofex Parameters have been available to users for a few months now. Some users are doing absolutely amazing things with them including one user who is creating documents that can provide both Greek and English versions of the same questions. We have been constantly adding new capabilities as we experiment with parameters. For example, we recently added a feature which will write the value of a parameter in English text (so it turns “31” into “thirty one”) so numbers can be included directly in the text of your questions.

Users have been using FX Library to see some of the things that are possible but we have started to hear people ask “This all looks great, how do I start?” To address this, we have published a new video where we look at turning an existing test question, written in Word, into a fully parametized question.

If you are interested in creating at MultiDocs, take a look at the new video!

Creating Your First Parametized Question

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New Help System

We have recently improved access to our Help resources by restructuring the Help menu in our products. We have provided a little more information but, more importantly, have made the existing information much more accessible. Take a look after your next update.

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Zoom And Teams FX Draw Training – Free Sessions Available

Being based in Western Australia in a COVID affected world has greatly limited the amount of professional development training we have been able to offer. We are currently working on developing Zoom and Microsoft Teams based training to address this shortfall.

To complete our development, we would like to offer some free, one hour training sessions so we can polish our processes. The free sessions are limited to Australian schools (to minimize time zone issues) and will be provided on a first come, first served basis.

So if you need to fill a training slot in the next few weeks, contact us to see if you can access some free training. The slots will fill quickly so don’t delay.

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New Statistical Graphing Option (Particularly Useful for NSW)

Grouped data graphs (histograms, frequency polygons and cumulative frequency graphs) now have the option of placing the class centres in the axes. This is particularly useful for NSW teachers who seem to prefer this option.

You can turn on class centre scales in the options for the affected graph types.

Long term users of our products will know that we previously had a version of this mode of graphing (it was called Use Alternative Axes). The new system is massively improved and allows you to combine cumulative frequency curves with other graphs.

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New FX Library Upload

We have just uploaded a number of new FX Library MultiDocs including a nice little right angle trigonometry investigation.

Measuring Heights & Depths Investigation

This investigation looks at calculating the heights and depths of inaccessible objects.

The validation section of the investigation has been parametized to allow multiple versions to be produced.

FX Library MultiDocs provide you with prewritten materials that you can use as-is or you can use the MultiDocs features to generate new versions at will. They also provide exemplars on how to create your own MultiDocs. We recommend that you keep an eye on FX Library by pushing the Library button on our new Word toolbar.

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