Major New Project From Efofex!

We usually spend the Christmas break hunkered down, using the quiet time to do something a bit different. This time we have come up with something very special and are proud to announce the

Efofex Teacher Resource Project

The Teacher Resource Project is simple in concept but provides a lot of value for both you and us. We are producing publication quality materials that you can use in your teaching but also showcase the things that our products, particularly FX Draw, can do. Everyone has access to the files in a non-editable PDF format. Registered users have access to the materials in editable Microsoft Word (docx) format that also includes fully worked solutions. (Note that you must be using the latest versions of our mathematics products to access the docx versions).

To give you an idea of what you can expect, here’s the beginning of an investigative task on the Spiral of Theodorus

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Resource Project is that each document includes links to small videos that show you how we drew the diagrams. This means that you get the materials AND the knowledge on how to modify them or produce your own similar materials at the same time!

The Teacher Resource Project is an evolving thing. We will listen to what you want and try to produce materials that are relevant to your needs. At the moment there are six documents. We will be adding to this list regularly.

You can take a look at the Project web page straight away at

So what can you do with these materials?

If you are a teacher, just about anything you like.

You can copy them, modify them, put them into your school assessments. Whatever. The only thing we do not allow is for you to claim copyright over them or use them to make a profit. We have put together a full FAQ at

A Hidden Benefit

There is also a hidden benefit of the Teacher Resource Project. As we use the products to produce the diagrams, we have found lots of little issues and annoyances, as well as having a number of really good ideas about improvements. In other words, the whole process has a positive impact on the quality of the products. We will be announcing lots of new features over the next few days that are the direct result of the Teacher Resource Project.

We are very excited about the Teacher Resource Project and look forward to providing you with great materials and training as it develops!

About efofexsoftware

Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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