Good OneNote News From Microsoft

If you are one of the teachers being impacted by the OneNote issue we discussed in May, we have some good news for you from Microsoft.

After a lot of pressure from customers who prefer the OneNote desktop interface, Microsoft have decided to continue developing and supporting the desktop version of OneNote.

This means that you will very quickly be able to approach your IT staff and ask that the desktop version of OneNote be reinstalled on your computer.

While we have still not been able to get Microsoft to address the pasting issue in the app version of OneNote (despite many approaches), this news will permit teachers to go back to the version that they overwhelmingly prefer (and not just because of our products!).

Just in case you do not know the difference between the two versions, the desktop version has tabs across the top and a list of pages in the current tab down the side.

Windows Desktop Version of OneNote

The app version, which is very similar to the online, web-based version, has the “tabs” and pages on the left.

Windows App Version of OneNote

Microsoft has tried to standardize on the app version but has experienced significant push-back from customers who dislike the new user interface for lots of varied reasons. This blog post means that Microsoft is listening to customers!

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