Centralised Licensing For Windows Networks

Centralised Licensing For Windows Networks

If you have a network administrator that complains every year about having to re-license computers on an FX MathPack subscription, or if you spend months pleading to get your subscription updated, forward this email to your computer services department!

We have implemented a new centralised licensing option that allows network administrators to store licence files in one central location. This means that extending a subscription can be as simple as editing one file on a central server. It has the potential to make network administrator’s lives much easier AND might mean less time on the phone for you as you try to get them to install the licence.

The new system is discussed on our support pages.

Licensing Efofex Products on Windows Networks

Centralised Licensing will be implemented for FX SciencePack once FX Chem 3 and FX ChemStruct 2 are released.

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Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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