Coming Soon – FX Draw 6 Beta!

We have just about finished initial development of FX Draw 6 and you will be able to download a beta soon!

FX Draw 6 is an exciting extension of FX Draw’s capabilities allowing you, for the first time, to work in 3D.

What’s New?

· FX Draw 6 will include the 3D graphing engine that we have implemented for FX Graph 6. This lets you graph relationships in 3 dimensions and provide graphic demonstrations of things like volumes of solids of revolution and intersections of planes. You might notice that the planes are slightly transparent, allowing your students to get a better idea of what is going on.

· FX Draw 6 will also add galleries of 3D objects that can be rotated and shaded exactly as you desire. The objects can also display hidden edges as shown below.

FX Draw 6 will come with galleries of dozens (hundreds?) of 3D objects.

· We have also implemented a dimensioning tool. This allows you to quickly add dimensions to any image.

The dimensions are all scaled using a global scaling factor. In the above example, we have changed the global scaling from 1:1 to 1:5 and all dimensions have been scaled accordingly. You can also replaced the measured distance with any text. This combination of features makes drawing scale diagrams trivial.

· FX Draw 6 also implements a “4 point” line tool that permits you to draw diagrams where lines extend beyond the points which define their direction.

Notice that the selected line has four control squares. A and B define the direction of the line. C and D define the end points.

· We have also greatly improved the default line system allowing you to create lines that use the current defaults whilst using any of the six line tools, rather than just the line defined by end points.

· Obviously we have also worked to remove faults and improve the usability of tools.

Most importantly, we have made almost no changes to the user interface of FX Draw 5. We know that teachers are extremely time poor and do not want to learn a new interface, so we have continued to leave things alone. Using FX Draw 6 feels almost exactly the same as using FX Draw 5, you can just do more!

Keep and eye out for the beta!

About efofexsoftware

Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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