An EmPower Success Story

We recently received a most uplifting email from a young man who has been using our products for no charge under our EmPower program. We are sharing it, partly because we are very proud of the program, but mostly to remind you that the EmPower program exists and has already helped thousands of students with special needs.

“If there was any word I could use to best describe Efofex’s programs and their impact upon my future, it would be lifesaving. Growing up as a student suffering from Dysgraphia (a handwriting disorder), writing, and math in particular, was an extreme challenge for me, and I had to make every available effort to write legibly. Unfortunately, writing legibly cost me so much of my concentration that I would often lose focus, stumble on the question, and get it wrong. Alternatively, I would get the correct answer but, in the struggle to finish the test, I would misinterpret the numbers or signs of my answer. A negative would be positive, a 4 turned into a 9, etc. The situation got so bad that in my Sophomore year I was happy to receive a C- in Algebra II. This low grade, although fine by district standards to advance to the next level, was not satisfactory for neither my parents or I, so I needed to repeat Algebra II the next year. This time around, however, I had new accommodations in place that would potentially help my academic success.

I started using Efofex’s software at the beginning of the next school year. The ease of installation, the seamless compatibility with my word processor, and the ability to paste directly into documents were all blessings for me and my school work. This made the transition from pencil and paper to computer extremely easy and problem-free. I felt as though FX Equation which, unlike several other programs, did not have the capacity to calculate answers for a student, was perfect for my needs. Instead of solving the questions for me, it provided a canvas by which I could show my true mathematical potential. This helped tremendously, especially once I learned the keyboard shortcuts and intricacies of the program. FX Graph, in the same vein as FX Equation, allowed me to plot complex graphs simply without the hassle of using a physical graphing calculator.

As a result of both FX Equation and FX Graph, my abilities in math, previously trampled because of my writing deficiencies, blossomed. In my senior year I achieved a 99% in Precalculus both semesters by using Efofex products and, without it, I don’t think I would’ve graduated high school with as good of grades. I also used both programs on my ACT exam, where, because of me being able to write with them, I managed to achieve a 31 on the overall test. Without Efofex products, I would not be attending a four year university this fall.”

Is there anyone at your school who would benefit from the program?

About efofexsoftware

Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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