The New Registration System

Our new cloud products also have a new registration system. For the vast bulk of users, the new system is working perfectly but a small number have hit some issues. This article is to discuss those problems. If you have had no issues, you can move on!

We did not want to bombard all of our customers with a new code (that would almost certainly be ignored), so we designed the new system to automatically download new details (including your passcode) if your computer was already registered using an old unlock code. This has generally worked very well. If it has failed for you, it is due to a couple of possibilities.

1. The system has not had time to work before you have checked the registration. This seems to be a little bit of a problem on some school networks which can be a little bit slow. The system DOES work eventually but, by then, users have decided that they are unregistered. We recommend that you start one of the products and let it sit for a minute or so. Then close and restart the same product. If the Help/Manage Account is still reporting that you are unregistered, move to step two.

2. Some school networks are blocking all Internet traffic for our products. This will prevent the registration system from working. We recommend that you open one of the products and keep an eye on the status bar at the bottom of the window. Periodically it should report that it is syncing to the cloud. If the product is having connectivity problems it will report that it has no connection on the status bar. If you have no connection, you need to negotiate with your tech team to allow our products to talk to the Internet AND also send us an email. We can send you a manual registration email that will allow you to use the products until the connectivity issue is sorted out.

3. Finally, some users are installing the new versions onto a new computer that has never been registered. If this is the case, send us an email and we will get your passcode to you as soon as possible.

As users renew their subscriptions, everyone will eventually receive their passcode as a matter of course. If, like most users, your computer has automatically registered itself you can see your passcode right now. Just go to Manage Account in the Help menu. Your passcode is worth recording because it will never change. You can use the same code indefinitely to license any computers you need.

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Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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