Authenticated Proxy Support

This is one for the more technical of you. It will not affect most people, but those it does will find their lives are much easier.

Our products now support authenticated proxy servers. This will affect you if you have found that our products cannot connect and your school makes you type in credentials whenever a program wants to access the internet.

Previous versions of our products supported proxy servers but failed when authentication was required. This new feature should remove the last impediments to schools using the new cloud versions.

If you use our products as inserted objects in Word (the “old” way), the products are started and stopped every time you create a graphic. This means that credentials need to be supplied every time the program starts. Because of this, our products cache your credentials for 24 hours after you enter them. This will allow you use the products as interactively whilst still allowing for your school’s security settings.

If you have experienced connection issues in the past, our new versions will almost certainly correct them. They are certainly worth a download.

About efofexsoftware

Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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