FX Equation & FX Chem – VB Script Problems

A small number of schools disable the Windows Script Host service on their computers (as a security measure) and this impacts on users of FX Equation and FX Chem.

If you are impacted by this, you will see a number of messages informing you that Windows Script Host has been disabled every time you use FX Equation or FX Chem from inside Word. You will also find that your equations are not being lowered.

The BEST solution to this issue is to get school IT departments to turn the host back on, or at least exempt the Efofex files, but we fully appreciate that teachers usually do not win those arguments! As an alternative we have made two changes to suit the needs of the affected teachers.

  1.  FX Equation and FX Chem will now only inform you that Windows Script Host has been disabled ONCE, the first time it tries.
  2. We have re-implemented a manual lower button on the Word toolbar. This will allow you to manually lower each equation as you create or edit it.

This solution is not ideal but is a pragmatic response to the changes made by some schools.

About efofexsoftware

Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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