MAJOR New Product Added to FX Draw Tools – FX Online

Introducing FX Online!

It is with nervous excitement that we are announcing the inclusion of a totally new tool into FX Draw Tools. Introducing FX Online!

FX Online is a turbo-charged version of FX Draw that is solely focused on the design, uploading and hosting of mathematically aware web lesson sets. FX Online brings the power and familiarity of FX Draw to web-based materials. Here’s an example of a web page from an FX Online lesson set where I have displayed half of the solution.

Anything you can draw in FX Draw, you can now publish to the web with FX Online. FX Online is, however, much more than FX Draw. We have added interactive, web-based features that allow you to create more dynamic web experiences – with much more to come.

Importantly, you don’t need to be a web design expert or understand the vagaries of the Internet. If you have used FX Draw in the past, you are already most of the way to designing and hosting your first lesson set.

FX Online will be included at no extra charge in your FX Draw Tools subscription. There are a few small caveats but for most people, FX Online is a bonus.


Take a look at this small collection of web lesson sets that we have designed to demonstrate some of the power of the new tool. All of these have been created in FX Online and uploaded to the web at the push of a button. They will give you a quick introduction to some of FX Online’s capabilities.

Introduction to FX Online

Spiralling Triangles

Introduction to Trigonometry

Congruent Halves

The final two lesson sets show how you can create two (or three) different versions of the same material with or without solutions – all from the one file.

Year 10 Test with Solutions

Year 10 Test without Solutions

So Why Are We Nervous?

We are releasing the beta version FX Online earlier than we would really like as it is so applicable to teachers trying to teach students remotely. Had the current crisis not occurred we probably would be announcing this in a few months.

What’s missing is comprehensive training materials, speed enhancements, final testing and some of the nifty new features we have planned. We have decided that, at the moment, a tool that does most of what we intended is better than no tool at all.

What you can expect is a flurry of new materials and updates over the next few months. We have hundreds of things planned for FX Online that will enhance its already huge set of capabilities.

What we can promise is that anything you create now, will be editable in newer versions. As we add new features, you will be able to go back and make your lesson sets even better.

Download Now

The FX Online beta has been added to the latest download. Visit out Downloads Page and start exploring now!

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Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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