New Word Integration System – Mac Compatible!

This is exciting!

For the past 30 years, Efofex products have integrated into Word for Windows using some old technologies. Today, we are announcing the release of our new Word Integration system that is simply better. Better, faster, more powerful and, best of all, it works on Macs!

Cross Platform

If you use Word on a Mac, you now have access to Word integration that exactly matches what we are offering on Windows machines. No compromises. You can create documents on a Mac, seamlessly move them to a Windows machines to edit, and then bring them back to a Mac for printing.


The new system no longer requires the old technologies we used for Classic Mode. Not only does this make the new system cross-platform, it also greatly increases the speed at which you can do simple things like creating and editing graphics. If you regularly go into and out of graphics and equations, you will find the processes up to three times faster.


And safer. The old system has always been a bit opaque and prone to problems. The new system is far less likely to fail.

Support for Efofex Parameters

The new system provides much better support for Efofex Parameters and its speed advantage can make the regeneration of an existing document up to ten times faster.  You might not have explored Efofex Parameters yet but the ability to use and create self-modifying documents is so powerful and time-saving that we are sure that it will become part of your workflow in the future. In fact, the support for Efofex Parameters is so much better in the new system  that we have decided to not make Efofex Parameters easily accessible in Classic Mode

Transparent Graphics

Classic mode is restricted by the underlying technology so that it can only provide graphics with white backgrounds. This means that you cannot overlay graphics or use a coloured background. Our new integration can provide graphics with transparent backgrounds.

It’s Time To Make The Change

There is now no good reason to keep using our old, Classic Mode system. While we will never FORCE you to change, the new capabilities are so powerful it should be one of the easiest decisions you will ever have to make.

More Information

There is lots of information available to help you make the change.

If you only have time to watch one video, watch this one…

Video – Getting Started With Our New Toolbars

and then…

About efofexsoftware

Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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