New Display Commands For FX Equation/Equation Tool

FX Equation has had the box command for many years. It allows you to create empty boxes or put boxes around various parts of your equation.

Cancelling Parts Of Your Equation

FX Equation has also had a “strike-through” system which tried to allow you to “cancel” various parts of an equation. This was always a difficult task programatically but the addition of parameters to our products has made it impossible.

In the latest versions, we have deprecated (still available but not recommended) the strikethough system and replaced it with explicit cancel and strike commands.

cancel(x2) will cancel using a diagonal line.
strike(x2) will cancel with a horizontal line.

For example, if I type…


FX Equation will produce the following.

The new system is far more reliable.

New Underlining Commands

As part of this upgrade we have also added two new underlining commands, ul() and dul(). These underline and double-underline components of your equation.


By selecting the dul or ul part of the command you can change the colour of the underline. Ideal for marking the “answer”.

ArcUnder Command

FX Equation has had an arc command for a number of years. This allows you to add an arc above a component of your equation. The latest releases add an arcunder command.

About efofexsoftware

Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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