New Font Styles

Managing fonts in Efofex equations can be a little tricky. This is due to how our products decide what font to use for your equations:

  • Most of the time, the font is whatever you currently have selected in the editor (like most editors).
  • Our AutoQuate technology allows you to just “type” and have our products automatically work out which bits are normal text and which bits are equations. The equations are then, normally, formatted in the currently selected font.
  • Our products understand that you will often want equations to be formatted differently to normal text. You might, for example, use Arial for your normal text but Times New Roman for equations. They also understand that you will not want to manually select each equation and change the formatting!

All this means that our products can automatically do things like this.

Note that all of the text has been entered as Arial 11pt but the equation part of what we have typed has automatically been rendered in Times New Roman.

Most people set up their copy of FX Equation and FX Draw to reflect their preferences but things start getting tricky when you want to change the font settings. Enter Font Styles!

If FX Equation, you can select a font style for the whole equation by going to the Edit menu.

Here you can choose a font style, or apply one of your four, standard font styles. If we select Choose Font Style we will see this.

Here we can (1) select an existing font style, (2) edit one of our standard font styles or (3) create a manual font style for just this equation. If we choose Manual, we can define a font style.

Here we can define a text font which will be applied to all of the text in our equation. We can optionally also set the size of the text font. Note that this new text font is applied to all of the text ONCE – RIGHT NOW. This means that you can optionally go back and select part of the text and change its font.

The second thing we can do is choose to standardize the font for equations (including forcing the size of the equation font). This setting is different because it is defining a standard that will be applied from NOW ON – overriding any text font settings you might have.

Font styles operate in much the same way in FX Draw but are only applied to selected objects.

Font styles allow you to quickly change the fonts in an equation or drawing and are worth experimenting with!

About efofexsoftware

Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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