New Probability Questions in FX Library

We recently uploaded some new probability questions to FX Library, and the development of one of them is indicative of the power of Efofex Parameters.

It all started when we developed a simple tree diagram question about different coloured socks in a box. It is exactly the standard sort of question that is perfect for MultiDocs as a push of a button produces one of the 400 available variations.

You can find this document in FX Library or through this direct link.

Something Interesting

A basic rule of developing MultiDocs is “Regenerate, Regenerate, Regenerate”. Regenerating quickly shows up flaws in the question design and is a crucial tool to developing these questions. As we regenerated this question, we noticed something unexpected – the answers were much more likely to be one side of 0.5 than the other. We have often found this while developing MultiDocs – the process of designing questions that can self modify can lead to a much deeper understanding of the topics.

In this case, that deeper understanding lead to the development of an interesting investigative activity which starts like this.

There is actually quite a lot of mathematics going on behind this with a few interesting results!

You can find this activity in FX Library or using this direct link. As with all FX Library materials, subscribers can use the documents in their teaching with almost no copyright concerns.

FX Library is a growing library of materials that you can use directly in your teaching or as a source of exemplars for your own questions.

Visit FX Library

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Efofex Software produces graphic production software designed specifically for secondary mathematics and science teachers.
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